Eric Wolfram's Writing, What You Are Looking For (Quello che cerchi)

What You Are Looking For (Quello che cerchi)

Directed by Marco S. Puccioni

Puccioni Impero, a private detective cast in the mold of classic gumshoes, wearily goes about his routine life, when one day, he is drawn into a situation which threatens to drown him in forces beyond his control. His best friend, who has disappeared, asks him to protect his son, Davide, a brooding ecology activist, whose dark mood matches the filmšs noir-like setting of abandoned factory buildings in Turin. One night, Davidešs extreme actions lead to disastrous results, and Impero is forced to protect the rebellious adolescent who does not want to be protected. Between the unwilling father figure and the unwilling teenager, something has to give.

Preceded by Never Say Cat (Non dire gatto). 12 min. Dir. Giorgio Tirabassi.

Impressions of this Film by Jennie Rose
Quello Che Cherchi [What You're Looking For] (2001) has strains of the road movie, film noir, drama and paranoid futurism in it. "More than anything else," says Puccioni, "this is an existentialist film about love." Marco Puccioni is a so-called hybrid director who, like all filmmakers, has enhanced his craft with the influence of his predecessors. What You're Looking For recalls mainly Pasolini, while there is an abandoned carnival scene that can only be described as Fellini-esque. Puccioni's first feature length film (shot entirely on digital video), this is a respectful portrayal of the vitality and anguish of youth, as well as the mind-boggling complexity of a father son relationship.
-Jennie Rose is a freelance writer who has covered the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Mill Valley Festival for Wired Magazine. Read more of Jennie Rose's Writing

Country: Italy
Year: 2001
Run Time: 100 minutes

This Film can be viewed at the New Italian Film Festival

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