Eric Wolfram's Writing, Let's Have the Truth About Love (La verità vi prego sull'amore)

Let's Have the Truth About Love (La verità vi prego sull'amore)

Directed by Francesco Apolloni

U.S. Premiere -- The ensemble cast of a dozen Roman thirtysomethings is thinking about one thing: Love. It¹s Valentine¹s Day and everyone is fighting, breaking up, realigning, thinking about former lovers and getting back together. Monica loves Lorenzo, but Lorenzo loves Olga and Olga loves Luca. The multitalented director Francesco Apolloni, who wrote, directed and acts in the film (and also wrote the successful play on which it is based), breaks through the comedic premise to mine some real issues about people who believe in True Love, but who find that the reality of being attractive and successful in contemporary Italian society means that it is possible, and even easy, to truly fall in love with someone who is not necessarily your spouse.

Preceded by Giving You the Life (Se Miguel potesse darti la vita). 3 min. Dir. Paola Lo Sciuto.

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Country: Italy
Year: 2001
Run Time: 113 minutes

This Film can be viewed at the New Italian Film Festival

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