Eric Wolfram's Writing, Juliet of the Springs (Giulietta degli spiriti)

Juliet of the Springs (Giulietta degli spiriti)

Directed by Federico Fellini

Opening Night -- The sublime Giuletta Masina stars in Fellini's first color film, a phantasmagoria of dreams and memories of an upper class lady named Giulietta spending the summer in her beautiful villa in Fregene. During a party for her wedding anniversary a séance takes place in which raffish and erotic ghosts are evoked, together with innuendos of her husband¹s presumed betrayals. Giulietta struggles between her stiff moral rules and the temptation to live without inhibitions, and confronts her inner world. This newly restored 35mm print reveals Fellini's fantasy that is developed through colored illuminations as it was shot by the great Gianni di Venanzo in hues ranging from delicate pastels to garish primaries.

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Country: Italy
Year: 1965
Run Time: 120 minutes

This Film can be viewed at the New Italian Film Festival

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