Eric Wolfram's Writing, If I Were You (Se fossi in te)

If I Were You (Se fossi in te)

Directed by Giulio Manfredonia

U.S. Premiere -- Andrea is a clerk suffocating in family life and a boring job. Bebo is a businessman who has alienated all his associates. Christian is a frustrated, penniless DJ in love with a beautiful pharmacist. One day they meet, each thinking the other has a better life. Suddenly there is a flash in the sky and they find themselves projected into the life of the person they envy. Things are working out quite nicely in this fantasy, but what will happen when they have to return to reality?

Preceded by Blind Date Digital Style (Appuntamento al buio). 13 min. Dir. Herbert Simone Paragnani.

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Country: Italy
Year: 2001
Run Time: 100 minutes

This Film can be viewed at the New Italian Film Festival

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