Eric Wolfram's Writing, Review of Jafar Panahi

The Circle

Directed by Jafar Panahi

I Viewed The Circle at the 44th San Francisco International Film Festival.

The Circle highlights one after another Iranian woman. Each tugs against the various sexist snares which are placed on them by their society. It is a startling look into the current fascist Iranian culture where women are brutally oppressed. It comes on as an amplified reflection of the general prevailing sexism of many other cultures, and in that way the film shocks, educates, and yet serves as an source of hope. Because the Circle also represents a ring of solidarity between women. It protests the predicament of women. This film confused me at first, because it seamed to randomly abandon one character for another as it formed the circle of women. There were only three or four stories in the Circle, so it didn't quite make a circle. I got stuck at the corners. If you want to see into the mystery of Iran -- then this film could be your eye.

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