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Robert Moses' Kin

Even if you avoid watching dance, Robert Moses Kin is worth the time and ticket price. The program called "Word or Mouth" played in San Francisco's Fort Mason Theater on February 15th, 2002 and although the theater was half empty, the theater was full of applause and ample delight from those lucky few who witnessed the event.

The intense concentration of the young dancers helped make the evening a success. In their elegant black and white costumes, each dancer, with their pride, informed us that this was an important show. And yet they danced free, not serious, fun and focused.

Although audience became aware of a statement, an inspiration, the statement rarely distracted from the rhapsody of pure dance which was unfolding on stage. The movement itself was interesting. "Word of Mouth" could be stripped of statement and stand strongly on it's choreographic craft, so refined and detailed was Mr. Moses' creation.

The music of Slim Gailard, Duke Ellington, and Dr. Dre -- among many others -- extended well the movement of the dancers and helped wrap the show in a single theme.

Rooted in the fine traditions of modern dance, Mr. Moses continues the line and continues the traditions of professional excellence in dance theater. Humphrey, Tharp and Taylor could all be seen in his show, as well as hip hop and MTV. But there is more. There is Moses.

His excellent new dance company emerges today as a leading force in West Coast dance. Witness it for yourself. Robert Moses' Kin has already come of age, and his fine San Francisco company demonstrates the type of pure focus, fun and freedom of dance -- the type of dancing which I sincerely enjoy watching.

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