Eric Wolfram's Writing, Final Step

Final Step

On that hopeless evening you were sitting alone
Your angles were fasting and your spirit was gone
And the moon put you sideways and twisted your head
When looked at the sky, and winced when you said,

Oh curse you cool evening of forgotten hope
Some thoughts got me thinking', I'm unable to cope
And my mind is all whacky and my soul is entombed
And my heart is broken and I feel that I'm doomed

Pointless--to see boundless moon shadows
Pointless--these metal insecurities
Blood on the path, throw of the dice, mending the pain
With forgotten deeds, held by others in scorn.
Pointless--to be alone at the top
Dead to be alone.

Lost hope on that evening, forlorn in your van,
You worthlessly tired, a shell of a man
So selflessly choosing the end to come soon
Step, I can't believe you won't see the new moon.

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