When it came time to write this book I realized my network of help extended far beyond what I had any right to ask. Glen Edgeston, Wayne Eagling, Maina Gielgud, Roy Kaisel, Kevin Mckenzie, Arthur Mitchell, Lawrence Rhodes, Francia Russell, Ben Stevenson, Paul Taylor, Helgi Tomasson, Edward Villella, Karen P. Brown, Peter Diggins, and Mark Kappel—thank you for answering the director’s poll and thanks to your staff for completing the other material.

I was blessed with many friends and colleagues who selflessly offered to help with this project. Mikko Nissinen, Blanca Coma, Otis Thomson, Pete Iaria, Katita Waldo, Julia Barrick Taffe, Richard McLeod, Charles David Anderson, Anthony Randazzo, Jennifer Blake, Rodolphe Cassand, Rachel Greenwood, Jais Zinoun, David Palmer, Edward W. Pearlstien, Susan Kelley, Ben McDonald, Griff Lopez, Jose Martin, Askia Swift, Deirdre Chapman, Virginia Long, and Peter Brandenhoff—thank you for your assistance, résumés, and proofreading help. Thank you Neva Beach for the editorial help and Otis Thomson for the graphic design.

I'd also like to thank the thousands of dancers who have purchased Your Dance Résumé as a hard copy, and say to them, if you have any questions, or are in need of a little hope, just ask Eric.

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