Last Thoughts Before Your Audition

Courage is grace under pressure.

Never be late for an audition! Always leave time for: Traffic jams, Late busses, Broken alarm clocks, a car that won't start, blizzards, earthquakes, acts of terrorism -- whatever -- don't be late. (remember, American Ballet Theater performed on the evening of September 11th, 2001! The show goes on...)

Also, if you start to get nervous before or at your audition, remember that fear is excitement. Excitement is good! You must thrive on this energy. Other dancers at the audition might appear better then you, but they may not be what the director is seeking. Do not be intimidated by them.

A good director understands that you may be nervous, especially if you are young and inexperienced. He or she may try to put you at ease with a smile or a correction, but don't rely on that. Some directors may actually get pleasure from intimidation you with difficult exercises or by giving you a long stare just to see how you dance under pressure. Give each moment your best effort, and as long as you are trying your best, then that's all you can do -- right? And Always maintain eye contact, even while dancing, do show the director what you are mad of. Maintain concentration and understand the coordination of the exercise before you begin -- even if it means going with a second or third group.

Retain your composure. Remember that the director had to audition when he or she was a dancer. The more at ease you are, the more at ease the director will be while watching you dance.

Visualize a successful audition. See it as a positive experience. It is your rendezvous with destiny--a journey of discovery.

Do not stretch on the floor while everyone else is marking the combinations. Dance the combinations exactly as given. Sometimes it only irritates a director if you try impressing him or her with extra pirouettes or beats.

If you try your hardest and the director seams uninterested, ignores you, or doesn't see you after class, don't let it bother you. Find a better person to work for, one who extends the respect you deserve.

Always be polite -- with the secretary, with the dancers, with everyone. Be courteous on the phone and in person. These people may soon be your colleagues. Keep a positive mental attitude, a superior techniques, and a winning attitude. You have a brilliant resume -- so be brilliant!

It's all right to have butterflies in your stomach.
Just get them to fly in formation.

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