Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions: Cydcor -- an email with cydcor details

email with cydcor details

Just came across your expose and rants about Cydcor. I just thought I would spread some light and give you some facts. You might be able to use this. It all comes from DS-MAX which started out of Canada by Murray Reinhardt and Larry Tannebaum. The ideas and principles are simple. Move merchandise and services by going business to business or business to customer. DS-MAX has over 15,000 offices around the globe. Cydcor is the communication division. They operate accounts and tailor to businesses. They are the $$ of the division. Have you ever seen guys in ties with big bags of books and toys? Or people coming by your home and offering you a chance to buy certificates from Domino's Pizza or any other local restaurant? How about people selling roses on the streets or in office parks? These are solicitors but the services and goods they are selling are legit. L.A. Lakers,, AT&T, the Yankees; all of these have used the services of DS-MAX. Bill Cosby even entertained at a national leader's meeting (or something to that effect.) The creators are billionaires and very personal and nice guys. The opportunity is that each office is owned by a promoted owner. The one who promotes that owner pays the start up costs. The initial idea of everything is a great opportunity for someone willing to put in the time and energy. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

I worked for The Advertising Group in CA for four and half months. I moved out to CA to be an actor; what did I know about advertising? I had the ACC business account which is promoted as a business division of AT&T but really is just a reseller. I got hooked and was a golden boy there. I was earning around 1000$ a week and i was promoted to Leadership quickly. I had people working under me who I was training. Then I saw the cracks of the golden opportunity.

I was invited to create a new division of DS-MAX dealing with promotional giveaways and appearal. I was having lunch with millionaires and people were coming to me for answers. I was 21.

Soon I hit a mental wall. I was getting burned out. The night before I had an 18 year-old kid in tears because he couldn't make any money. He was so scared that someone would see him crying and that he was losing his positive attitude. I had a 36 year-old divorced father of two snap and suddenly seem lifeless and lost because he only made 30 bucks in a month. I decided to take a personal day. I had only missed a few days in the whole time I was there because of a play I did. The next day after my personal day I was informed that I should go home and really think about my opportunity. Everyone who was my friend, all the guys I hung out with, roommates even, all look at me like I was disgusting and a failure. I knew it was all a front and that all my excitement and talent at this had been for not. I walked away and all of them stopped associating with me.

1. People who buy into the concept are gradually brainwashed into conforming. They expect you to get their at 6am and stay until 9pm. Work Saturday and Sunday team days from 7am until 6pm.
2. You take quick lunches.
3. You work to become a leader and then asst. mgr of the office and then an owner.
4. All commission! No salary, hourly wage, benefits, gas allowances, vacation time or anything.
5. They expect total submission to all guidelines
6. They consistently preach the rules of success and and E.Y.E and S.M.I.L.E. (over and over in impact meetings. People take turns leading these meetings but saying the same thing.)
7. You can never show anger, depression, confusion, stupidity or anything negative.
8. They even have their own language...JUICE! Join us in creating excitement. Ask anyone who worked at any of the 15,000 offices and they will know what juice is.

In many ways it is a corporate cult. The sad thing is is that 95% of the people involved are really good people who just want to be their own boss. Pyramid scheme? Not really. The owner takes owner's stroke but leaders don't get cuts on merchandisers takes. I got 35 dollars a phone line that was mine at a ten line limit. The official cut is 50 dollars but the owner gets 15 bucks.

The initial idea of the original DS-MAX was a fair and good one. It is the fact that there is no background checks on employees, personal greed, no training methods on proper business practices. It is really up to the individual offices and how they operate. The only blame is led to DS-MAX and Cydcor etc. is that there is no real supervision or benefits package or even assistance. They don't claim responsibility because they have non. That is the idea behind multi-level marketing. You work to own you own office and business. that is the deal. The corporate heads make their money through contracts with clients such as domin's pizza, papa john's, Sprint, Staples, etc.

Owner's are the real piranhas. They pray on the person who just wants to find a career. (majority have no college education or real work experience). I feel sick that I was rooked into it. I take some solace in always being upfront with my interviews and days of observation. I would tell them the whole deal and not hold anything back. I never lied to them or misled. I told them the main goal was to own your own promotions business. Most just cared that I could teach them how to earn 300 - 900 bucks a week.

Some is and some isn't. Nothing is malicious and everything is at an inidividual basis. The whole thing about not getting paid if you quit before 10 days is true. These are just kick backs that are solely up to the leader. The new people are just baggage and there to learn. They are not pitching or selling. They haven't done anything to earn the money. It is just voluntary training. If someone quits before the first 10 days they have no claim on that money. It is sad but it is true. The job os leader is to explain all of this. Most I witnessed never bothered. I did though.

People are interviewed using the fear of loss method. Anyone who walks through the doors will be hired. The interviewer is just trying to scare you into giving in on the day of observation (the round 2 of interviews. You follow a leader selected randomly that morning.) Everyone who sticks around at the end of that day of observation for the final meeting that night is hired. They try and scare you into thinking that you could actually go the hwole day with a leader and still not get hired. fear of loss, sense of urgency, build break build, stressing the deal are all methods of selling the services to clients. They are also used to sell employees on the job.

Remember that line "I'm interviewing 25 people today and only 4 will be called back." ????

They are already using sell tactics to pull you in. The whole business is sell sell sell. Every friendship you have within the office is a sham. Sheep.

I hope this helps you in telling the public the truth.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Fellow writer and truth teller.


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