Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions: Cydcor Hilltop Solutions, Inc. Deception (in San Diego, CA)

Cydcor Hilltop Solutions, Inc. Deception (in San Diego, CA)

Subject: Cydcor Hilltop Solutions, Inc. Deception (in San Diego, CA)
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 00:45:01 +0000

Dear Mr. Wolfram,

Thank you for alerting the general public to the fraudulent practices of Cydcor. Luckily for me, I did not get sucked into this marketing scam, but I was unfortunate enough to have a full day of my life stolen away from me.

I recently applied for an entry level marketing position for Hilltop Solutions, Inc., a company located in San Diego. Upon being interviewed by the manager, Michael Rivera, he told me that the company did advertisement work for Fortune 500 companies and most of the work involved performing presentations for clients. Little did I know that these presentations were nothing more than door to door sales, showing business owners pamphlets and coupons for Quill Office Supplies, a competitor to Office Depot.

Here's the real scam. The person I was set up with for the one day ride along program told me that within 5-10 years, I could realistically become a Vice President with Cydcor and make 4-5 million dollars U.S. annually. Yeah, sounds great, I thought. But wait a minute, who the #*&@ is paying this kind of salary? Does this money fall out of the sky? Real fishy...

I also felt victimized in the sense that I had no clue that the ride along program was a 9 hour door to door sales experience. I was misled into believing that we were going to do professional presentations to top-name companies who were expecting us. Little did I know that all we would do is merely bum-rush businesses in a given sector and try to sell them stuff. What did the employee who was my tutor for the day earn for his 9 hour labor? about 25 dollars. This is really sweatshop slavery if you ask me.

Also, interviews never last 9 hours. I feel extremely taken advantage of, and the company never offered anything for my time. The least they could have done was take me out to lunch. But no, they made me pay for that as well. Someone really needs to find a way to punish Cydcor and all it's associates....

Thanks again,
Name Withheld

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