Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions: Cydcor "Leader" tells all

Cydcor "Leader" tells all

Subject: CYDCOR
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 20:06:04 -0700
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I am writing you as another disgruntled Cydcor employee. I have been working out of an affilaite office called Westward Innovations of Phoeniz, AZ. Everything that has been said about the interview process is correct, execept the fact that the person interviewing them has to buy them lunch, and never gets reimbursed for it and nine tmes out of ten the person interviwed does not even start. You mix that with the usage of your car, and the usage of your cell phone and i promise you at the end of the month you are lucky if you break even with your paycheck if you get one. Oh yeah, we all have rent to pay, correct? I was recently given "the greatest opportunity of a lifetime" if I wanted to go help someone open up an office in Dallas, TX. When I asked then what they were going to do for me as far as moving costs, and the buyout of my lease they looked at me like I was crazy. My manager also sent me and some other people to the The Yasny Group in Irvine, because we were they selected ones that got to take on the reins of the new Sparkletts Water Campaign. My boss sent six of us out there to stay at someone's house that worked for the cmpany, For six nights I slept on the floor for three hours a night, and then I would go pitch people for water all day long. I have yet to get paid the money that is owed to money for that week, and I that was were my skepticism began. So pretty much I went down to LA in my own car, learned a brand new campaign, taught everybody how to perform on it, and I got absolutely nothing in return for my work, except for questions on why the campaign is not number one in the nation. I never even got a thank you, better yet a paycheck!!! Not a bad deal for the owner! I hope others read this and stay away from Cydcor, because I am someone who gave it a fair shake and made it to leadership in five days on my own. I kow the business, and I learned a lot about how it works. IT IS A SCAM!! My father did some research on the company, and he found evidence of fraud, nonpayment of commisions, and nonpayment of salaries, as well, as it being a Pyramid Marketing Scam.


An EX-Leader

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