Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions: Cydcor Employee waited 5 weeks for first pay check

Cydcor Employee waited 5 weeks for first pay check

Subject: Cydcor in St Louis
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 04:23:14 +0000

Dear Eric:

I just recently ended my X week tenure with one of the St Louis Cydcor offices, or known as: D.B. Consulting, J.S. & Associates, The Everest Group, Aurora Marketing Group, and Quantum Marketing....

Although the people I worked with in the St Louis Cydcor office were exceptionally good people, my whole experience with the company is like so many others that I finally found when I did a google search on the company. I had my first interview (10 minutes long) with my soon-to-be manager, after a few hour drive from upstate Illinois. After the interview, I immediately drove back home (another few hours back home), to find out that the manager had just called to schedule my second interview just as I was pulling up in my driveway. I immediately called back to schedule my second interview (they wanted the next day, but I persuaded them for the following week).

I went back down to St Louis the day before my second interview and spent the night in a hotel so that I was bright and cheerful for the second interview. I arrived for the second interview to find another 3 people waiting in the lobby area and had another 2 people show up for their second interviews shortly after myself. I went out on my "Day of O" with a smooth talking guy that wasnt too concerned with my credentials, but more concerned with my personality and attitude. We spent the day galloping around one of the Illinois subburbs of Saint Louis going over the 5's, 8's, and basic advertising.

My interviewer closed a few apps.... stated that it wasnt hard and proceeded to pitch me on the business..... bulleting all the things that I wanted to hear being out of college for over a year and not having any success finding anything in my field of International Business. Of course I was naive, desperate, and being a little stupid... I fell for it, knowing all to well that I never wanted to do sales and knew that I probably wouldnt have any success at it at all. Things went well in the field and about 5 we left to head back to the office. We arrived back at the office after a silent car ride, the interviewer was using indifference against me on the way back into get my psyched up for the quest

Of course waiting 5 weeks for your first paycheck is absurd! Of course 4 days worth of initial training is absurd! Of course a "second interview" (a.k.a. The Day of O) is absurd! The whole company is absurd, I was absurd to fall for the trap and get sucked into something like this.

Cydcor is probably decent for sales oriented people, unfortunately there are people like me with the real management potiential that must go through the field. I was never meant to be in the field nor will I ever enjoy it... my place is as a supporting role within the office as management... its unfortunate that the field has to break people like me. There were many nights when I got home to my empty apartment that I just cried, because I knew that I could not succeed in the field and that things were not going well for me.

After I got home and talked to my parents about my final day with the company, they commented on how relieved that I sounded that I was done with this chapter of my life. I hope that this will help others from making the same mistake I made!

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