Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions: Cydcor -- a letter of appreciation

A letter of appreciation

Hi Eric,

I mail you my gratitude for your site about the Cydcor cooperation. My name is Christina and I am from Denmark. I have quit my job in Paris to fulfill my life long dream  to return to the States and live again. I was an exchange student in 1991 in Tennessee. I am currently back in Denmark only waiting for the opportunity to return to the US. I am sending out my resume to all employment agencies etc. I also placed in on and saw the job opportunities at Crescent International. I got this a mail yesterday from them:

After carefully reviewing your resume we would like to congratulate you; for you are one of the few selected for a preliminary interview with our company&&..

I dont know why but several things about the company just struck as being weird. My intuition said that something was not what it seemed. Especially, after talking on the phone with them yesterday. I got the impression that I wasnt the only carefully selected one to get an interview. I told them I couldnt find them on the web& (strange too) and then they gave me this address: It all looked good& but still& I decided to look up the company on yahoo. Well, thats when I read your note and several others!

I thank you for not going all the way to TN from Denmark for NOTHING! Its important that I deal with serious companies since I need a VISA etc. They obviously are not a serious cooperation!!!

Thanks again here from Denmark!!!

Best regards,

Name Withheld upon request

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