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What If More People Found Your Web Site?

More Internet viability. More eyes on your site. More business. In 2002, I wrote an article on increasing your rank on the Google search engine result pages and it scores #1 in google. Consequently, many people have asked me to help them optimize their web site for Google over the years. The valuable experience I gained helping them is what I can share with you. First, for a demonstration on how this site scores #1 for these competitive phrases, click on the words below and notice how my site is in the #1 non-paid spot on the result page:

* these results occured on April 2008.

Why does a book report that I wrote appear #1 over 5 million other pages that Google has indexed for that keyphrase? It's not easy. It's not quick. But it's possible.

My Clients Appear #1 in Google

See for yourself, my clients now score #1 in Google for high volume competitive keyphrases that we targeted. Click on the highlighted links below to see that demonstrated. (These results occurred on April 2008.)

The Quickest Way To Start

Many people ask me to help them find a good strategy for better google ranking -- and I can't really promise instant results. One easy way to get started is ask me to look at the site and make a report with list of suggestions, a basic analysis and a first round of strategy suggestions. The report costs $495 which is a fee that is based on 10 hours @ $49.50/hour. Getting started is easy, just send an email to with the URL of your site, some target keywords and a note saying that you agree to pay the $495 upon receipt of the report -- I'll have the report back within ten days. Does that sound like a good way to start or do you have other ideas about how we could work together?

Yes, as of April 2008 , I am still happy to look at your site specifically and speak with you frankly about the best and fastest ways to increase your chances with Google. | tel. (646) 519-2451

On-going Google Optimization Services & Pricing

Beyond the Preliminary Google Optimization Strategy report suggested above, select partners can see real quantifiable results with my on-going Turbo or Espresso Search Engine Optimization services and with my Fixed Rate Google Adwords Management services.

  1. SEO and Google Optimization Services
    • Espresso SEO -- Web site optimization service plus one month of WebPR. $5900.
    • WebPR SEO -- a solid and on-going web publicity campaign. $1450 a month
    • Turbo SEO -- All the essential web publicist services of Express SEO PLUS a blog ghost writing and management service. $2450 a month.

    Call now to find out which level of service is best for you -- 646-519-2451

  2. Fixed Rate Google Adwords Management
    • Agile Adwords Management -- Optimize an adwords campaign - $2900.
    • Agile Adwords Retainer -- A retainer to manage a campaign - $1450.
    • Ongoing Agile -- Ongoing management service - $895 a month.

Free Search Engine Optimization Information

Use those free links above to learn how to rank higher in google. Or, just let me take care of it. Done and Done! If you have special circumstances, call me now to talk about it.

Or send an email:

According to a recent study, 75 percent of users report that they return to websites because of "high-quality content," while 54 percent cite "content that is updated frequently" as their reason for returning to a site.

Source: Forrester Research

What if your site did this?

Click to see excellent results in google

What People are Saying...

"Eric has meant real growth to our bottom line. The revenue we earn from the traffic he generates exceeds his costs. I couldn't believe the increase in phone calls once we started appearing #1 in Google. I continue to work with him to improve our internet viability."
Tee Faircloth - Owner of F.M. Allen, a brand that specializes in Luxury Safari

"We hired Eric to do a preliminary analysis and SEO strategy for our site. After following the advice we now score number 1 in google for some of our predefined keyphrases like 'fish puerto vallarta'" (click on that link to see how my client scores #1 in google.)
Toby - Owner of, a business that specializes in Puerto Vallarta Fishing

"We get hundreds of new visitors every day because Eric optimized our site. I was suprised at how fast the results came in. "
Glenn Pere - Owner of, a brand that specializes in College Video Reviews

How do we do it?

Search engines like Google have created the demand for our honest, helpful and modern internet publicist services. We monitor internet forums, email lists and web logs in your industry. We find opportunities to introduce compelling content that is helpful, edgy and new -- stuff that bloggers love to write about. People visit your site and return. Once search engines track this behavior, your site will rise in the search engine result pages for keyphrases that we have predefined. Our strategy takes a certain amount of persistence commitment and it is not for everybody. Is your business ready for our ongoing Turbo or Espresso search engine optimization services?

How do we do adwords?

The mission is to creatively introduce your potential on-line customers to tempting offers that help you meet your business development goals with real quantifiable results. Our fee structure is simple and it is NOT based on your media buy. I'm going to bring you inexpensive traffic. I want to show you what happens when you pay less per conversion than your competitors pay.

Call or write to discus: | tel. (646) 519-2451

Current Clients -- Q2 2007

Turbo SEO Clients -- Live college video reviews -- Specializes in Luxury Safari Vacations, Campaign Furniture and Safari Clothing -- Specializes in fun free games, puzzles, clip art, cartoons and music videos for kids

Espresso SEO Clients -- manufactures small industrial robots. -- Leaders in the dedicated servers industry. -- an anti aging and wrinkle cure and an alternative to IPL laser treatment and cosmetic surgery

Instant Adwords Clients -- Specializes in Luxury Safari Vacations, Campaign Furniture and Safari Clothing -- dealer of used SMT and pick & place equipment. -- manufacturers of industrial robots -- college reviews and ratings

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